No more fakes, copies or wannabes.

Brandsolo tracks and removes all fake products worldwide,
like an e-commerce virus scanner, so you sell more!

Keeping you safe on:

our mission

Our Mission:
Protect brands against the unsustainable fake industry.

Counterfeit and fake goods make up more than 3.3% of global GDP, that is over 509 billion USD. Many of those illegal suppliers are closely linked to harming the environment (eg CO2 and chemicals) and social injustice (eg child labour and people trafficking).

It is our mission to help any brand protect their trademarks and products online. As a result we not only protect its customers, revenue and reputation but also positively impact social and environmental topics (related to the UN SDG’s).


of all products sold on ecommerce sites are fake.


of all fake products are sold online.


revenue was lost in 2020 to fake sellers in fashion.


of EU Imports are fakes. That’s € 129 billion!

our mission
what we do

What we do

Brandsolo monitors your brand and removes all your fake products worldwide, on Google & online marketplaces, social media and domains.

We are experts in online Merchandise Protection and serve global clients in Music, Gaming, Sports and Entertainment

With 14 years of experience, Brandsolo has created a Next-gen AI platform that eliminates fakes directly.

For client we serve, we regreen a substantial part of nature and help to combat modern slavery and child labor. What’s not to like?

Online Marketplaces

We scan all major marketplaces using our proprietary Brandscan™ technology.

80% of all fake products are sold online. The majority via online marketplaces such as Amazon. Our Brandscan™ platform scans your productlistings 24/7, like a virusscanner, so any infringing content can be identified & removed.

Social Media

We keep your brand and customers safe by scanning ad campaign on Social.

Social Media is known for fake news but unfortunately also for fake products. Brandsolo scans through posts and profiles that mention or use your brand name and takes action where needed.


We scan globally for domains that might infringe upon your trademark.

Prevent impersonators and wannabes to misuse and harm your brand. Get instant alerts. Brandsolo identifies domain names that infringe upon your trademark and intellectual property so they can be dealt with.

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what we do
how we work

How we work


Our powerful Brandscan™ platform scans all relevant parts of the web to give full insights on your brand and products, from major marketplaces to social media and domains.


We identify potential brand abuse by detecting fakes, copies and wannabes via our AI powered Brandscan™ platform.


Validate potential IP infringements manually or automated using our BrandScan™ platform.


We can instantly start the takedown process and remove the bad actors, fake competitors or products online for you.


As part of our service we restore nature for you with and positively impact climate, nature and people. Let’s make the planet green and keep brands clean!
Read more below.


The Brandscan™ platform gives you a detailed report with metrics and insights.

how we work
why us

Why Us?

See some of the benefits of working with us:

Brand Protection

With over 14 years of experience in the anti-piracy & counterfeit industry, we look after your trademarks, brands and products online.

Zero Time Investment

To manually find infringements online is a waste of human resources. With our platform anyone can get the job done fast at a great price.

Revenue Growth

Our clients consistently experience increased profits, even after deducting our fees. With all fakes removed, official revenues see a significant boost.

Hassle Free Experience

Our fully automated platform is intuitive and easy to use. Add new products easily in our portal and always be up to date with current events.

Happy Customers & Partners

Keep your customers and partners happy by preventing them to buy or sell fake products and expose annoying impersonators.

Peace Of Mind

Brandsolo has got your back 24/7. Leave the monitoring and protection of your brand, products and trademarks to us, so you can focus on your business.

why us
our technology

Our Brandscan™ Technology:

Cutting-edge AI platform featuring:
  • 24/7 monitoring of all major online marketplaces
  • Full Google integration (Search, Ads & Shopping)
  • Overview of all threats with instant alerts
  • AI powered advanced crawling platform
  • Advanced text, OCR, image and logo trademark detection
  • Automatic screenshot evidence and data collection of infringements
  • Comprehensive metrics and reporting

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our technology

Sustainability: Green & Clean

How can we be successful in a world that fails..? We are in the middle of a global climate emergency and there is no more time to waste, so let’s take action!

That is why Brandsolo supports Justdiggit, a very cool nature restoration climate impact NGO that regreens dry lands to cool down the planet!

Via the Brandsolo Climate Impact Program we will help fund regreening projects for every customer we serve. See powerful before-after content and communicate your own impact metrics like the number of m2 Regreened, liters Water replenished, and kgs CO2 sequestered to reduce your carbon footprint. Nature restoration is included at no extra charge.

Want to make more positive nature and climate impact? We can set you up directly with our partner Justdiggit to engage your own nature restoration program. Feel free to contact us and learn more!

Let’s make the Planet Green and keep Brands Clean!

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